Proper Dead-lift form

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When I look around the gym, the exercise most of my fellow gym-goers are doing incorrectly is the dead-lift.

As you no doubt know, this is one of the key compound moves along with Bench Press, Squat and Overhead Press which really add to overall power, strength and conditioning if done correctly.

Most of the problem starts from using incorrect form which itself stems from attempting to lift weights which are simply too heavy, this results in the lifters back rounding forward and losing the all important neutral back alignment, which additionally puts the lifter at risk of severe injury.

However, this challenge can be resolved; once you are in the habit of using proper form, this will naturally and quickly enable heavier lifts to be completed by involving the correct range of muscles.

Some lifters practice the movement using a broomstick or similar held against the tail bone at one end and the nape of the neck at the other, this helps “feel” a neutral back position, this approach works well in many cases.

Another excellent training tip is to imagine you have an extra pair of “eyes” on your chest, the trick is then to set up and complete the lift whilst keeping the “eyes” looking directly forward, this instantly will straighten your back (neutral position) and allow a dead lift with proper form.

If you do not have access to a professional trainer to help you correct your form, there are literally thousands of brilliant training videos on the web to help you become a great lifter.

So if you are struggling with this classic compound movement, get yourself some guidance, back off the poundage a little and get the technique correct then enjoy watching those lifts getting bigger and bigger!

Happy lifting!!