Cocktail: Legendary muscle building formula with Creatine, ZMA, HMB and Amino Acids


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Product description

” Cocktail is a legendary 3-in-1 formula giving phenomenal muscle growth ” // NEW FORMULA! // The advanced formula contains a cutting edge synergy of 3 ultra strong, advanced ingredients backed up by a wealth of independent research for ultimate muscle growth. Spearheading the formula is the exciting Leucine + Isoleucine + Valine matrx, with a further 6 formidable ingredients being used to give Cocktail ultimate power and deliver an all-in-1 sports supplement designed for those demanding serious results. The precise combination of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine along with HMB, ZMA, Amino Acids, BCAAs, DAA and Creatine-AKG contained in Cocktail gives incredible results by addressing the key factors that support physical development in advanced oral serum. The Benefits of CocktailTM -Increased muscle growth (37%) -Enhanced muscular strength (29%) -Enhanced ATP promotes strength, power and endurance -3 Supplements in 1 for extreme power -Oral Serum for Improved Effectiveness Pharmateq constantly strive to develop new and exciting advancements in sports technology. The usage of our oral serum to deliver active ingredients under the tongue and be absorbed ‘sublingually’ forms part of this endeavour. This system allows greater absorption rates, enhanced convenience and ultimately improves effectiveness Introductory Promotion To celebrate the UK launch of Cocktail and introduce our pioneering formula to the market for a limited time we’ve cut the price to £9.99 ! Buy now before there’re all gone!