100% Natural Pure Peanut Butter With No Added Salt

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  • 100% Natural Peanut Butter With No Added Salt, Sugar or Oil
  • High Protein Snack For Anytime of The Day to Support Muscle Growth & Maintenance
  • A Perfect Healthy Food For Men and Women, Supplying Healthy Fats, Carbohydrates & Protein to The Diet
  • Great Tasting – Available in Smooth or Crunchy Texture To Suit Everyone
  • Luxurious and Versatile – Ideal for Use In Smoothies, Cooking, Satay Sauces, Baking or On It’s Own!

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Protein Dynamix Peanut Butter is a great tasting and completely natural source of protein made from premium roasted peanuts, with absolutely nothing added or taken away. The high protein content of peanut butter can help contribute to the growth of lean muscle mass, which makes it a fantastic snack for those looking to improve their physique and support an active lifestyle. As a versatile source of energy, peanut butter also provides an abundance of healthy fats and carbohydrates, which can be consumed throughout the day. Made 100% from peanuts, Protein Dynamix Peanut Butter has no added sugar, salt or oil making it a healthy and natural addition to anyone’s diet, ideal for use as a spread, a cooking agent or simply on its own. Substitute peanut butter for inferior and unhealthy snacks to help you #BeYourBest


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