Ultrasport 4-in-1 Door Pull-up / Chin-up Bar / Upper Body Trainer

The perfect home trainer (even for rented apartments) as no drilling or fixed mounting is needed
Padded grips ensure secure hold for every exercise
Can be used for optimal upper body training, strengthening of the core and arm muscles, or isolation and strengthening of the central back muscles

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CellDeal Hand Power Grip Exerciser 10-40Kg Forearm Strength Training Adjustable Heavy

Adjustable Hand Gripper / Exerciser
Main Material:Plastic

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Ankle Weights – Elite Body Squad Pro Quality Adjustable Leg Weights 1kg x 2 – Perfect Around The Ankles For Walking + Running Or As Hand Weights For Strength Training And Resistance Exercise For Men And Women – 100% Highest Quality Guaranteed

SAVE MONEY – Ergonomically designed leg weights fit snugly around the ankles and cushioned padding helps to protect the joint but is also very durable and made to last – One size fits all, sold as a pair
LOSE WEIGHT AND TONE UP – Burn more calories easily without doing anything extra. Perfect for leg weight exercises, fat loss, strength training and toning – Ideal as running weights, walking weights, for fitness classes and soft enough to wear all day long
TIGHTEN YOUR LEGS AND BUTT – Increase definition by wearing our adjustable ankle weights regularly – Helps you to effortlessly tone and tighten your calves, thighs, hips and glutes whilst carrying on with your everyday life

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H&S® Ab Abdominal Exercise Roller With Extra Thick Knee Pad Mat – Body Fitness Strength Training Machine AB Wheel Gym Tool

Our Ab abdominal exercise roller is compact and easy to take on your travels anywhere.
Lightweight (340g) and durable.
Easy to use, simple forward and backwards motion, no complex learning to use this.

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ResultSport® Pack of 3 – Spiky Massage Balls Stress Reflexology – 6cm, 8cm, 10cm – Trigger Point Massage – Myofasical Ball, Exercise Ball, Lacrosse Ball, Environmental Friendly plastic, PAH and Phthalates Free

Specifically designed to release tight and uncomfortable muscles, increase blood circulation and remove toxins.
Roll the ball around the area of the body in need of a massage – increase the pressure you apply for a great deep tissue massage.
Perfect for an all over body massage, use before and after a workout and for reflexology.

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GM Door Gym – Black, Large

Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Fits All Standard Door Frames (24″ – 32″ Wide)
Quick & Easy Assembly (Tools Included)

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