JLL Ab Roller Abdominal Trainer Exercise Wheel Roller & Knee Pad. Comfort Handles. Strength Training Body Fitness for Abdominal Muscles.

Designed to build your upper body strength and definition in your abs, back, arms, shoulders, thighs and buttocks muscles. Versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability, ergonomics and easy storage in mind.
Popular piece of fitness equipment for both men and women.
Two easy-glide wheels to maintain stability and prevent wheel-wobble during workout. Dimensions: 25 cm (width), 17cm (height),

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Stress Balls x 3 in Yellow | Stress Ball Sensory Toys | Stressball Stress Relief Toys and ADHD Toys

Stress Balls x 3 – Yellow Smiley Squeezers
65 mm Diameter – Unique Product to StressCHECK – These Stress Balls are our Own Design and of a High Quality
These Stress Balls are made from foam and are of a medium consistency. They are NOT made from plastic, rubber or putty type material.

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VOELUX Adjustable Posture Corrector Figure 8 Upper Back Brace For Clavicle Support

Maintain better posture whilst sitting long hours at the computer, standing, walking, or running
Alleviates stress and relaxes muscles in the thoracic spine, bringing relief to the upper back
Adjustable strap ensures gentle posture correction with maximum comfort

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66fit Ab Roller Wheel & Knee Pad – Abs Core Abdominal Workout Fitness Exerciser

The 66fit Abdominal Roller Wheel is designed to build strength and definition in your abs, back, arms and shoulder muscles
The compact design makes the abs roller portable and easy to use at home, or take with you to the gym or for a workout anywhere
Ergonomically shaped thick foam handles ensure comfort and a good grip on the abs wheel, providing stability whilst in use

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Body Sculpture Body Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Body Sculpture multi-functional body gym
Can be used for chin-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and dips
Heavy duty steel construction

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Wonder Core 2 Unisex with built in Twisting Seat and Rower

Work your core like never before with the 6-in-1, ab-blasting Wonder Core 2
Features a built-in twisting seat so you can target your obliques and tighten your waistline, by adding a tuck to work the lower abs, or do a lower ab press to really tone your stomach
WonderCore II’s incredible dual-resistance design ensures your muscles are engaged throughout the entire range of motion, both regular and reverse crunches

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WonderCore Wonder Core Smart Total Body Exercise System Ab Toning Workout Fitness Trainer Home Gym Equipment Machine

Works out your entire core upper, middle, lower abs and oblique’s, Combines 6 great exercises
Adjustable resistance, Works in both directions on each rep, No need for an expensive gym membership
Compact and easily folds up, Works in conjunction with an exercise and diet plan

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IDEAPRO Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser (10 – 50kg) – Strengthen Grip, Hand Squeezer, Forearm Grip, Hand Exercise, Gripper, Finger Strengthener (Black)

Squeezing the Ideapro® Adjustable Exerciser will work all of the muscles in your fingers, hands and forearm.
Suitable for all abilities as the resistance can easily be adjusted between 10-50kg – increase the resistance as your strength develops.
Great for improving grip strength, hand endurance, dexterity, muscular tone and fine and gross motor skills.

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CSX Dual Ab Roller Exercise Wheel with Extra Thick Knee Pad Mat and Comfort Foam Handles – Double Pro Abdominal Exercise Wheel – Great Fitness Workout for Abs |18 Month Warranty

The CSX Dual Abdominal Roller Wheel provides one of the best core and upper body toning exercises and is designed to strengthen and tone your abs, back, arms and shoulder muscles
Manufactured with the Highest Quality Parts – Stylish Smooth turning Dual matt black plastic roller wheels with metal axle – they provide a snug fit with the foam handles and ensure no wheel wobble and stability while you roll
Thick Padded Foam Handles – For extra comfort and grip

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MegaMetz Hand Grip Strengthener Set, x2 Hand Strengthener, Adjustable Resistance Range 10-40 KG, Therapy Hand Gripper Set, Best Hand Exerciser Trainer for Athletes and Musicians, BONUS eBook

BEST VALUE PACKAGE – Whilst other hand exercise products feature a single grip strengthener, MegaMetz provides you with a pair of grip strengtheners so you can exercise both hands at once or team up with a partner. These feature bi-directional handles designed to accommodate all hand sizes.
PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION – Featuring a tactile soft touch plastic body with rubberized non-slip handles, and a high quality Stainless Steel spring combine to provide an unparalleled experience whilst ensuring life-long durability. The product is free from creaking noises produced by lower quality products.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE – The grip strengtheners are designed to allow you to control the level of resistance from the range of 10-40 KG (22-88 Lbs). Resistance is altered by simply rotating the knob clockwise for a higher resistance level and counter-clockwise for a lower resistance.

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Ultrasport 2-way Pull-Up Bar, individually adjustable to doors with a width of 63.5 – 93 cm / pull-up bar made of sturdy steel, max. user weight up to 100 kg – door pull-up bar for effective upper body workout

Stable steel construction, load capacity to 100 kg
Bar diameter: 30 mm, length – infinitely variable from 63.5 to 104 cm
Easy operation thanks to telescopic system, grip pads for firm hold and reduced irritation of the palms

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York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell

The York Kettlebell helps develops functional strength, power, endurance, core stability and balance whilst increasing calorie burn – The total workout tool
Ergo designed comfort handle
Anti slip base

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