Lions® Ultimate Total Core Abs Toning Smart Body 6 Packs Home Gym Fitness Training Ab Machine

Total Abs Exercise Core Machine Lets You Target Core & Ab Muscles Whilst Providing Back Support
Perfect for Cross & High Intensity Training – Enables FuPerfect for Cross & High Intensity Training – Enables Full Range of Motion to Work Your Entire Abdominal Muscle Groupll Range of Motion to Work Your Entire Abdominal Muscle Group
Isolates Upper Abs, Lower Abs & Lower Back Muscles – Contoured Design Fits the Natural Curve of the Back

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3x Mind & Body Stress Ball – AROMATHERAPY & POSITIVE QUOTES!Free mindfulness E-Book & hand Physiotherapy exercise Included.The perfect anti-stress relief toys & Squeeze Balls for adults & kids

THE PERFECT STRESS BALL – If you are serious about reducing stress & anxiety then our stress balls are for you. Embody mindfulness, gratitude & Positivity the three most proven ways to live a happy & fulfilled life. With simple yet powerful word around each ball to remind you stay in a great mood all day! Teachers and parents from all over love them for their kids. The sensible alternative to Fidget Spinners
MASSAGE YOUR SENSES – All three stress balls have a Lycra Coating for a smooth texture, Aromatherapy for deep sense relaxation. Lemon (Blue) Jasmine (Purple) Rosemary(green) Aromas which have been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and promote a happy mood .Relaxing Soft Gel Feeling made from high quality TPR Gel makes our stress toys great to squeeze squish or bounce
DIFFERENT STRENGTHS, SIZES & AROMAS – Each stress relief toy has its own level of firmness to suit each mood. Soft-medium- hard. Relaxing aromas make then great AIR FRESHENERS, keep one at work, in the car or at home, while keeping you positive and grateful The best stress ball for adults

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Gallant Authentic Wall Mounted Chin Up Pull Up Bars- Home Gym Exercise Bar Chinning Up Wall Bracket Workout Dip Station

Wall Mounted Pull Up, Chin Up, Dip Station Bar
Weather Resistance with Powder Coated Finishing in Black Colour
Heavy Duty Steel Tube Frame with Maximum Weight 100kg

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Fitness-Mad Spikey Massage Ball

Used to release tight, uncomfortable muscles
Helps to release toxins and improve circulation
Available in two sizes according to preference

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Body Sculpture Official Ab Trimmer/Roller With Headrest

Lightweight ab trimmer with padded headrest.
Helps firm and flatten the stomach whilst reducing stress on the neck and spine.
Allows you to focus your workout on the abdominal, oblique and core muscles.

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Komodo 1 Pair of Foam Handle Push Ups – Press Up Bar Stand – Home Exercise Workout

Pair Of Push Up Press Bar Stands Home Gym Exercise Workout
The bars also help you increase your range of motion, allowing you to go deeper into the push-ups
Soft and Comfortable Foam Handles

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‘”Powerful Price Sieger Chin Up Bar For Door Frame + eBook: with more than 150 kg Weight Capacity: Stainless Steel Extendable Garden: No Screws:::: Indoor & Outdoor, with 3-year Warranty

✅ Test Winner: Sportastisch premium Powerful pull-up bar and ebook: In addition to installation instructions in English, this set includes a full assembly kit, wide grip pads, white door stops and our informative ebook “Pull-Up Training” with valuable tips and advice on how to optimise your training. This ensures you have everything on hand needed for customised and especially important, efficient training – when and where you want it.
✅ Tested Brand Quality: This pull-up bar has been manufactured from special reinforced steel. By using the installation kit you can make the pull-up bar capable of taking up to 350kg (without it up to 150kg). The bar can be quickly and easily installed to hold heavy weights brilliantly. Combine the bar with our PullHard pull-up aid and you’ll have great success in no time!
✅ For versatile use – also when travelling: all you need is a door frame of 63-100cm in order to keep up your customised training. Just apply the door stops and bar and you’re ready to go. You don’t need to worry about any damage to the door frame, as our sports devices have been extensively tried and tested. Use the ebook included in the set as a useful guide to effective exercises.

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Gregster Body Weight Sling Trainer with Professional Handles – Functional Full Body Suspension Trainer – Includes Door Anchor, Carabiner Attachment and Transport Bag – Max. Load 120 kg

Suitable for static holding exercises and dynamic exercises, such as push-ups, rowing trains, squats, and much more.
Trained strength, coordination, balance, and posture with the help of the own body weight
Simple, tool-free installation of doors, hooks and rods – incl. door anchor

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Gym Ball / Exercise Ball 65cm (Blue) With Dual Action Hand Pump

Up to 65 cm diameter when inflated to the maximum
FREE Pump included

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Powerball Classic Gyroscopic Hand Grip Exerciser Ball,Blue.250HZ

Cool tech gadgets which have been balanced to exceed 15000rpm spin speeds with zero vibration powered just by your wrist (see video)
Weighs less than 300g but generates from 0-15kg of inertial resistance for powerful forearm exercise and grip strength
Great gifts for guys, 250Hz Classic is small and portable, can be used anywhere and gives a fantastic arm workout in just 60 seconds

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JLL® Ab Roller Abdominal trainer Exercise Wheel Roller & Knee Pad. Comfort Handles. Strength Training Body Fitness for Abdominal Muscles.

Designed to build your upper body strength and definition in your abs, back, arms, shoulders, thighs and buttocks muscles. Versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability, ergonomics and easy storage in mind.
Popular piece of fitness equipment for both men and women.
Two easy-glide wheels to maintain stability and prevent wheel-wobble during workout. Dimensions: 25 cm (width), 17cm (height),

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Stress Balls x 3 in Yellow | Stress Ball Sensory Toys | Stressball Stress Relief Toys and ADHD Toys

Stress Balls x 3 – Yellow Smiley Squeezers
65 mm Diameter – Unique Product to StressCHECK – These Stress Balls are our Own Design and of a High Quality
These Stress Balls are made from foam and are of a medium consistency. They are NOT made from plastic, rubber or putty type material.

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